Caring for traditional Japanese products お手入れ法


We treasure our Japanese traditional beauties and their wisdoms. They are all well designed and will last a long time, as long as we look after them. This is the joy of using these beauties in our everyday life, rather than just putting them on the shelf to look at. We need to understand how to look after them and enjoy them, to grow their characters through using them.


Vintage silk products are all so delicate, so please do not wash in the washing machine. These materials should be cleaned in a cold water hand wash or dry cleaned.

Sashiko products are woven textiles, so to avoid shrinkage of materials we recommend cold hand wash or a cold delicate wash cycle in a washing machine.

Tenugui towel are thin cotton towels, which can be washed in a cold wash cycle in a washing machine. The edge of the towel is simply cut off (unhemmed). To begin with it looks a little bit untidy until the edge creates a natural fringe itself. This will stop after approx. 3mm-5mm with the more you wash and dry the towel. Please cut off any stray, fraying threads and enjoy making a natural fringe with your Tenugui towel. 

Indigo products can be difficult to handle to begin with.  Please be aware that in the first few months of use, the indigo dye may transfer and rub off on white/ light-coloured fabric, upholstery, leather and similar textiles (especially in wet conditions). Indigo products must therefore be washed separately from other items. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage caused in this way. After a few months, any colour transfers will slowly stop, then the lovely characteristics of gently fading colours will be created. This is the real enjoyment of having Indigo products...

Bamboo Wood

Bamboo products are light, durable and naturally very hygienic. Our bamboo products are handmade products, so please do not use in a dishwasher/ microwave/ oven and do not soak in water for too long to avoid any deterioration.

Wooden Products are handcrafted and intended for serving food; storing foods for protracted periods of time may cause discolouration of the wood. Please do not use in a dishwasher/ microwave/ oven and do not soak in water for too long to avoid any deterioration. If the wood looks a little dry, apply a small amount of Walnut oil (or Flax seed oil) with a clean soft cloth or kitchen paper to the surface. Leave to dry in an airy room (not in direct sunlight). Please discard oil soaked materials safely.


Lacquerware products are durable beauties; layers of traditional varnishing skills turned into these products beautifully create the durability at the same time. However, there are some rules to best handle your lacquerware. They are varnished products, so do not leave in direct sunlight. Do not use for boiling hot water or in the oven/ microwave/ fridge/ freezer/ dishwasher. Wash gently with a soft sponge and washing up liquid and dry with soft tea towels. We tend to think lacquerware is not for everyday use, but actually they are very practical beauties for everyday life with traditional wisdoms.


Ceramics are very fragile, so might not last long but that's why we learn how to respect them and pay attention when handling them. This is a good way to learn mindfulness. They are to be appreciated and looked after but please don't be daunted and put them on the shelf, instead please enjoy using them everyday, feeling them, looking at them and looking after them. Let's stick with old fashion way and please handle with mindfulness. Do not use in a dishwasher/ oven/ microwave.