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heart of kotatsu
”一期一会 Ichigo Ichie ”  "One Time, One Meeting"
 Tea master Sen no Rikyu.
This old Japanese proverb says that we should treasure every encounter, for it will never recur. 
Most of our products are made by hand so again it's "One time, One Meeting".
Kaori was born in Japan and brought up in a culturally rich environment with her family living with beautiful artisan craftsmanship in their everyday life. Kaori admits that she never fully valued, or indeed understood, the culture gifted from her younger years until travelling around the world in her early adult life. Visiting many new places and taking time to be educated in the authenticity of their own cultures, she started to reflect, understand and appreciate much more deeply the beauty of her own roots.
Life has now lead her to settle with her young family in rural Shropshire, England and her "One Time One Meeting 一期一会" has brought a new direction for her, introducing her treasured Japanese culture to more people around the world. She is now sharing the wisdoms given from nature, which Japanese people have been passing on era to era, in their beautiful way.

Here at Kotatsu we are deeply grateful to have met such devoted and skilled craftsmen who create these beautiful products and the people who helped us find them. 
Thank you very much for visiting Kotatsu, the shop sharing traditional Japanese wisdom, beauty and warmth.
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Kaori, Shiyo, Fiona