Japanese Handcrafted Wooden Baby's Spoon - ベイビースプーン
Japanese Handcrafted Wooden Baby's Spoon - ベイビースプーン
Japanese Handcrafted Wooden Baby's Fork

Japanese Handcrafted Wooden Baby's Spoon - ベイビースプーン

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This beautiful handcrafted cherry wood baby's spoon is made by woodworker "Yasunori Okada 岡田靖則” in Gifu, Japan.

He understands the characters of individual wood species and brings the best faces out from each chosen piece of wood. Warmth and kindness is reflected directly from artisan Yasunori in every single piece, cleverly combining these warm vibes with sophistication and stunning simplicity.

Introducing our young souls to being nurtured with warm wooden tableware; Yasunori's pieces are carefully made and thoroughly polished and treated, so these are very safe and easy to use. His gentle and kind craftsmanship is perfect for baby's/ toddler's first dining experiences.

* This is a handcrafted authentic wood product so every item has a slightly different colour, shape and character.

Colour: natural

Size: 13cm handle, width 2cm

Material: cherry tree

Product Care: Do not use in the oven/ microwave/ fridge/ freezer/ dishwasher. Wash gently with a soft sponge and washing up liquid.

If the wood looks a little dry, apply a small amount of Walnut oil (or Flax seed oil) with a clean soft cloth or kitchen paper to the surface. Leave to dry in an airy room (not in direct sunlight). Please discard oil soaked materials safely.

Origin of Product: JAPAN