Vintage Japanese Obi
Vintage Japanese Obi - ヴィンテージ帯
Vintage Japanese Obi - ヴィンテージ帯

Vintage Japanese Obi - ヴィンテージ帯

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Showa era vintage multicolour woven silk Obi.

This hand woven textured obi is very beautiful to look at. It is perfect as a wall hanging decoration, as table centre on the dining table but is also easy to tie as a kimono obi as it is a textured silk. The obi expresses Japanese autumnal coloured mountains in beautiful subtle colours.

Colour: yellow/khaki/brown/beige

Size: one size /the end of the Obi is sewn to make it half width

Dimensions: length 290cm width 30cm /end length 57cm width 15cm

Product care: dry clean only

Origin of Product: JAPAN

*If you are considering purchasing, please contact us via email for all the details of this product as this is a vintage textile. Additional photographs can be provided to clarify any detail you require.