Japanese Washi Hand Printed Memory Book  Re-Fill - 思い出帳追加メモ

Japanese Washi Hand Printed Memory Book Re-Fill - 思い出帳追加メモ

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Koizumi Fusumagami Works is a family run paper printing studio, producing Karakami using those traditional methods established in the Edo period. The wisdoms and techniques have been passed down through the generations, and they are still producing traditional yet sophisticated designs and beautiful papers for Fusuma sliding doors. Every single paper is treated carefully and heartily, resulting in beautiful pieces of art work. The desire to protect the traditional craftsmanship whilst introducing Karakami into modern life settings, is a challenge relished by the Japanese wisdoms of Koizumi Fusumagami Works.

They are also producing smaller Karakami products as a stationary range for use in our modern lives; always treasuring the traditional skills and methods, every single paper has been beautifully hand printed by them using many intricate techniques including woodblock printing, sarasa stencil, and brush works. 

Enjoy the touch and style of their beautiful and breathtaking Japanese paper - this hand printed memory book is an escape from our digital world to return to the simple analogue recording of our precious and treasured moments and is a perfect gift for that someone special.